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It is really too strong this term of a dirty woman, say that it is boring. Indeed, this behaviour makes men escape, because it speaks of sex, if she is in her boring feelings, that’s mean that she needs to be fucked, not to make love.

Why are they so hot?

She barks for nothing, because he did not put away his jacket, because he left his dirty underpants on the sofa, he did not clear the dishwasher, he pissed at side of the bowl, that he was having lunch with his former colleague. A woman who has some character is bad. The chick women want a plan ass, and she does not want to come back with this man the next day. She does not stop criticizing others as she comes to cross her red line. She will even go far and talk about this mistake that she does not recognize. On the other hand, there are men who are looking for sex cam because he likes to be with a slut.

And if they were really dirty

Dirty in the sense that is not clean. Most men do not like hairy women. They think that these women do not have good hygiene and do not care about her feminine beauty. Regarding odours, we suspect that they prefer us blooming good rose after a session at Wool. Men do not like gnawed nails, dirty and not well cared for, so nails irreproachable. They do not like the smell of feet, and when you’re frozen in a ballerina, you sweat and smell, so it’s better to torture yourself with your heels. And of course, men do not like circus-laced women. The worst is that sometimes men also want to see this dirty and bitchy woman.

But the bitchy woman may be totally honest and very intelligent, so it makes men run away. It’s only on sexy sites that we can see this kind of girl a bit slutty.

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